Our Daughter Loves Halloween…

   It has been quite a while since I last wrote anything. Life has been crazy and time has been.. well, there’s just not enough of it. Since my last note a lot has happened. For starters, I now live in Toms River, a place I never fathomed living. I’ve been a Monmouth county resident my whole life and anything else seemed… not right. But oh how right it is! Living in Toms River is really something else. We have been greeted by almost every neighbor within 2 weeks of living here. Our next door neighbor gave us a pie on our anniversary, Mealz actually has a nickname for her, RoRo. People approach us to just talk. It is an incredible change of pace from where we were.
Now one thing I never imagined about Toms River is their love and devotion for my favorite holiday. Not Christmas, we lived in that town and it was a bit creepy, yeah I’m looking at you Ocean Grove. This town loves Halloween so much that they actually celebrate the Trick or Treat part of it a day early so they can have the actual day for their Halloween Parade which is apparently the largest one on the East Coast. This I did not know…
With the festivities in full swing a week or two ahead of schedule our daughter has taken it all in and it is amazing to say the least. She’s completely obsessed with Jack the Pumpkin King and everything else Nightmare before Christmas. This all started because of the music. It’s become so bad that she forces my poor wife to bring her to either Target or to the Halloween shop just so she can stare at Jack and all the decorations that hold his face. We even went into Hot Topic to get her the little stuffed Jack doll and when we were paying for it we told the cashier that the 2 year old made us come in. It has become a family joke, a cute joke of course. She loves the skeletons and the witches but not the Minions, weird. She loves the bats and the ghosts but she hates Michael Myers. We have been lucky enough to live on a street that decorates for the festivities.
There is one item about the holiday that we are unsure of… the candy. We have come this far without having one of those kids that has already experienced the sweet sensation of a sugar high created by us for a brief moment of tantrum ease. So she doesn’t really know what candy is and the power that it holds. This will be the big test of the day. Whether she goes overboard and face first into candy land or if she just doesn’t care about it, we are hoping for the latter, either way she loves the holiday an we could not be more excited to see her in her Flamingo costume going door to door saying whatever the hell she will say and getting that sweet, sweet candy for mommy and daddy.
Lets face it, the candy is really for us anyways.


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