The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways…

As the old saying goes…

Tonight i went to visit my mothers grave. Something that I do with my step dad about twice a month. My mother was the first one to be put into the new plot at the cemetery when she was buried. Since then, there have been quite a few additions to her surroundings. She has new neighbours if you will. One of those new neighbours happens to be a friend of myself and Lex. Our friend Wes is now buried in line with my mother in a far off plot in a beautiful cemetery. As soon as i got out of the car tonight and saw his headstone something inside of me just went click and then the cloud came over me. It could have been any other Wes but something told me it was the crazy fun Wes that we knew. The same Wes that my wife worked with at two jobs. The same Wes that only a couple months before invited me into his Dungeons and Dragons group. Boy, do I wish i took him up on that invite.

I could not believe that a friend of ours lies just at my mothers feet so now when I visit her, I visit him as well. I still cant wrap my mind around that ot of all the places, he rests right next to her. Two families will now mourn a loved one not knowing that the two families act ally knew each other. I hope that one day, during my visit, I see Wes’s mother or father so I can tell them that my wife and I cherished the friendship that their son gave us. He was hilarious and kind and for the record I was a little nervos abot joining his DND group on account of he told me that they get pretty deep into character. I needed some baby steps before I jump right into a group like his.

Well Wes, I’ll be seeing you around. I’ll be sure to bring you some flowers too next time from me and Lex.

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