What’s with all this hate Facebook….

In light of recent events I am strongly considering a long term
vacation from Facebook. This decision came to me ever since my feed has
been filled with arguments among friends and family.How did we go from
sharing pictures of our kids and waffles to spewing hateful words and
tragic stories, a direct bi-product of said hateful words, for all to
see? I know the answer and many people will not agree or believe this
but… this is what is now being called, the Age of Trump or the Trump
Era. Tragically this is a time where it is OK to curse at illegal
immigrants and laugh in the face of those less fortunate. White
supremacists march not only in the South but our northern cities as
I myself do not align with what is known
as the Left or the Right. Lots of people will call me a “Snowflake”,
which is a joke itself being that it is a term used by supporters of our
current leader. It is because of our leader that this hate is so front
row in our lives.  This should not come as a surprise to anyone. The
very foundation that launched the political campaign to get Trump into
office was built from a group of college kids that used the internet to
fuel the fire by dropping into forums and creating Reddit streams and
took over social media as a means to begin the campaign. The Trump
campaign didn’t need funding because the groundwork was already laid.
Now that he is our president there has been so much hate coming from
ultra-conservative people in our country that it actually terrifies me. I
myself was attacked by an older couple in Toms River during the
campaign. This older couple had their pick up truck fitted with the
American Flag and Trump sticker stuck loud and proud on the back. They
thought it was OK to pull over and harass and attack me. I was just
walking down the street going to the store to get some medicine for my
then pregnant wife. Judging by their insults, they though I was Jewish,
well guys I’m not and if they knew my actual name then they would have
most likely attacked me worse then they were originally but that’s not
the point. The point was that these people thought it was acceptable to
insult a complete stranger without any reason.
Now lets fast forward to where we are today.
news events include the mistreatment and separation of children that
are coming across the border with their parents or families or
individuals that are caring for the children on the parents behalf. The
major part of the story is that they ARE seperati g children as young as
toddlers from their parents and putting them in holding centers. Some
are tents in the middle of nowhere and even an old Walmart in Texas. The
children have no parental care. Some were heard on tape crying because
they needed to change a diaper and there was nobody around to help them.
Absolutely SICK! So many things were being thrown around Facebook in
defense of the treatment and of course I side with those that are
STRONGLY against this action. I have a daughter that I cherish more than
anything, she is my Princess and I let her know that every day so for
me to hear that our government has been keeping children from their
parents for a minor offense is sickening.
stomach turns at the thought of what the parents are going through,
illegally crossing the border or not you DO NOT harm the children.
course as luck would have it, we have friends and family that are so
blinded by political views that they agree with the treatment stating
that our president is upholding the law and they should have known
better. These people don’t know better. They are fleeing from gang
violence and poverty in hopes of finding a better life here for
themselves and their children. Die hard Republicans do not see it this
way. Since this news broke I have unfriended many old friends that I
thought were good people. Even got into an argument with family over
this trying to have them see that what is being done is wrong I myself
always keep a level head in these situations making sure as to not add
fuel to the fire but those in favor seem to already have a fire lit.
They attack with no remorse and give no quarter to where they will
strike. This is what opened my eyes to what Facebook has become. A
digital battleground between opposing points of view. The teams have
been created by our current political leaders and given aid by ruthless
comments from our so called president. Ive never seen our country so cut
down the middle with extreme hate on either side. 
specific situation brought to light a very terrible darkness in people
that I did not know existed. People are actually using the Bible to
dignify what is being done. They blame past leaders for what is
happening yet they fail to see that our current leaders are usin
religious scripture to appease their wrong doing. Using the Bible to
dignity the harming of children and destruction of families is a new low
I did not wish to be aware of but yet, here it is in 2018 and yet those
who support will continue to attack anyone who is against it. My own
family included. My own family where there are toddlers and devoted
parents that would do anything for their children. It truly is sick.
Call me a snowflake if you will but this current president of ours has
done nothing but allow his associates and his own actions to incite this
rage and hate that is taking over our country. Instead of stepping up
and trying to make peace he instead attacks local businesses that refuse
service to his administrators who support what he is allowing. Fix what
is broken rather than continue to pick at what is shattered. 
can honestly say that I have lost quite a number of friends since our
future tour president has come into office and am glad to no longer
associate with individuals that would endorse such behavior from those
who should be leading by example. With Facebook being the platform of
the rate that is forcing us to pick a side I don’t know how much More
time I can remain on the social media venue. I have stopped sharing
photos on it. Stopped lilking others posts and refuse to allow others to
push their negative agenda by simply unfriending them. 
ok with all that… my Twitter has all the news I need, mind you most
of it regards Star Wars and organic life choices but that is what it
should be, not all this political stuff that is literally destroying
Donald Trump has done nothing but create a whole
new breed of hate throughout our country and he himself is using social
media to spread his negative agenda. If you, like me, can’t stand to see
what idiots people can. Exile then go on a hiatus like me and hope that
when you return, the world will be a better place.

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