Will Somebody save “The Last Man on Earth”…

   Don’t get me wrong here, I know that there is a lot of underrated
television out there today but man oh man!!! Last man on earth was truly
something different. A story about the “supposed” last man on earth is a
storyline that could go stale quicker  than a sourdough left out, yet
they kept it fresh! 
Even though
this show was written as a comedy with some bits of drama, actually
there is quite a bit of drama in it, making it a drama-dy. It touches on
aspects of the end of the world like no other show. Such topics that
are brought up are what to do when gasoline goes bad or what happens to
the people in space and the nuclear plants. These are topics that no
other show touches. The Walking Dead has been on for YEARS but not once
did they consider what to do with all the vehicles once fuel runs out or
goes bad. It gave the show a very bleak and serious touch when dropping
“turds” or “oh fart” lines.
final episode was and is probably the biggest cliff hanger ever. Even
bigger than the sudden cut off seen on the Sopranos. I mean, here we
have a group of virus survivors that have been trudging along and
finally they find a place that has a sustainable food source, shelter
and goats, can’t forget the goats especially since they forgot the damn
cow. All this to be tied in with the arrival of an underground, probably
mole people, survivor society that emerges and surrounds the
plantation. Now we have a whole new world of possibilities. 
they hostile? Are they friendly? Are they Mexican? This may be due to
them being in Mexico or are they a contingency plan to repopulate the
planet. A secret seed bank if you will. These possibilities are all
washed away with the ending of the episode and of course, Fox cancels
it. Along with many other shows but those shows were saved and Last Man
was not for whatever reason. 
If you had yet to
sit down and take a look at this show, now is the time. I recently saw
via Twitter that the show is indeed finished and will not be saved by
another network or streaming service so unless there is a TV god out
there, we will never see the conclusion to the arrival of the bunker
people and what dangers or hopes they bring to Tandy and his band of
virus survivors. 
Ya friggin turds…

I am about to submit this post I am learning that Fox has cancelled yet
another show, goodbye Ghosted. Now again we will never see the main
story even developed into… well, ANYTHING.

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