What Happened to New Jersey…

Things are always changing here in good ol’ Jersey. As of lately…
for the worse.  Over the past few years it has become increasingly
tough to maintain a life in New Jersey. For those of you that think it’s
all Guidos and nightclubs on the beach, well.. that’s one reason it’s
been getting tougher. It seems that businesses here and landlords alike
are only interested in satisfying the needs of the summer crowd that
plagues, yes…plagues, our lovely little oasis. Not only are there no
places to live year round but the cost of staying here is ridiculous. It
seems to me that landlords want a chunk of that New York money that is
no longer enough to sustain a life in the big city and its surrounding
areas. I have seen the rent go up in our area at least twice a year for
the past few years and there is no knowing when it will stop. I am sick
to my stomach with knowing that it is only a matter of time before we go
broke and are flat on our asses and forced to vacate the state.
used to be able to live on the salary that I have. It is barely cutting
it now. With jobs as scarce as affordable rentals it is a scary reality
to face. New Jersey has changed too much. In an area where once you
were able to be the man of the house and provide for your family is now
the area where both parents MUST work or you suffer. I still stand by my
words about never leaving our daughter with a stranger to look after
her while one salary pays the bills and the other pays the daycare,
that’s a joke in itself. What used to cost $1200 a month a couple years
ago, now costs between $1600-$1900 a month. This is being considered
with the job market either. I am finding that a 4 year degree from a
University will only open the doors for you to make $15-$17 an hour
which is under 40k a year. With landlords requiring a minimum salary of
$52-$56k a year. Something is not adding up.
cost of living in the Garden State is not the only thing squeezing us
out. Our new governor is trying to turn our state into a copycat of
California with the luxury lifestyle the west coast has been enjoying
for years. One part of this change is the vaccination policy for
children. He is trying, and probably will, to pass a bill mandating that
we MUST vaccinate.. errr, sorry, allow big pharmaceutical firms stick
our children with poisonous cocktails in hopes of preventing illnesses
that have been long gone for generations. We will not allow this, but it
isn’t up to us anymore. In California this is a must. In California,
marijuana is legal, I have no issue with this, just don’t think it is
ever OK to bring it around me or my child. I have lived and seen the
dark side of weed despite what supporters will tell you. Remember, there
is a dark side to everything, even puppies, they shit on your floor and
that’s not cute. With this change looming over the state we are seeking
what we can call refuge in neighboring states. Only the parent should
have the right to dictate what gets stuck in their kids, not the
government. I can barely sleep at night knowing that we will need to
make a jump soon.
it comes to leaving New Jersey, for me anyways, I am all for it. I grew
up on the beach and can honestly say that I’ve had my fair share. I
just want a simple life without having to worry about what the state
will say about my child and make enough money to be satisfied. If you
have read my original posts from a while back then you are aware of how
many cut-backs we have made to accommodate the change in our finances.
Funny thing is, I make more money now and it’s nowhere near enough.
I am over Jersey and I know many others are too.

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